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Engineering & Design

Our engineering team utilizes the latest in 3D modeling technology (Solidworks) to deliver highly detailed models and components in very short cycle-times. Besides providing structural analysis, we also can integrate hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems.

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Precision Welding & Fabrication

Hester Fabrication specializes in complex technical fabrication for the world’s most advanced companies. The more technically challenged the problem, the better. We specialize in high precision weldments for industries ranging from automotive, aerospace, energy, and manufacturing.

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With state-of-the-art CNC machines along with conventional machines, we are capable of working with numerous materials in up to 4 axis of machining. Our Haas VF6 has travels of 64″ x 32″ x 30″ which allow us to work with large piece sizes as well as do post weld machining

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Quality Control

Each project is assigned a quality control inspection sheet that quantifies the requirements and standards that the work must meet at various stages in the process.

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Facilities & Equipment

Whether it needs to be designed, cut, drilled, prototyped, machined, bent, welded, or assembled, our facility has been designed to meet the dynamic needs of our clients’ goals.

Our facility has 2 overhead cranes, providing a surplus of space and lifting capacity for large projects. We have in-house CNC laser cutting, CNC press forming, CNC machining, as well as extensive support machines and fixturing.

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Contract Manufacturing

A contract manufacturer is a manufacturer that contracts with a firm for components or products. It is a form of outsourcing. A contract manufacturer performing packing operations is called copacker or a contract packager.

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